Tuesday 8 September 2009

Not Glad Tidings

There was a 'tidings' of magpies at Druridge this morning, squabbling over a feast of last night's road kill.

Seemingly a group of magpies can also be called a 'murder' or a 'gulp'. There are a few people out there who gladly murder a few magpies! I quite like magpies, I know that they have a tendency to eat baby birds but they are really intelligent birds, they kept me amused for 10 minutes this morning.

I visited Druridge tonight too, a quick look offshore produced a year tick - goosander - nice one!

Also 4 summer plumaged or moulting out red-throated divers and hundreds of terns all moving north with a few kittiwakes amongst them.

Still plenty of hirrundines on the move too.

131 goosander


Alan Tilmouth said...

Arent you in Ecuador then?

Ipin said...

Bloody hell I wish i was - no Ellington - slightly different!

Alan Tilmouth said...

For some reason I thought you were off with ADMc et al maybe because I'm doing your bulletin section? Who knows?

Ipin said...

I'm off to Andalucia in Spetember hence the reason I can't do my bulletin section - thanks by the way!!