Tuesday 21 July 2009

Up the Coast

No visit to Druridge today.

I was leading a guided walk along the Northumberland Coast Path for work from Warkworth to Craster, deep in to Boulmer Birder territory. The day started out nice, sunny with little wind. By lunchtime (took sheltered in the safety of Boulmer church), it was lashing down and was still lashing down when I left Craster at 7pm following an evening meeting.

Highlights of the walk were two common sands at Warkworth, lots of reed buntings throughout including family parties at Warkworth, Buston and Boulmer. family parties of stonechat at Warkworth and Buston and a singing gropper at Buston too.

Lots of gulls and waders including some stunning summer plumaged turnstone at Boulmer.

Butterflies included lots of painted ladies, the whites, meadow and wall browns, small skipper, small tortoiseshell, ringlet and red admiral. Silver Y and lots of six spot burnet moths, as opposed to all five spots at Druridge and Amble yesterday.

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

Bloody weather!!
At least you made the most of the brief dry spell.