Sunday 19 July 2009

Sunday Evening

Sunday first visit to Druridge this weekend, bad form!

Friday was too wet and I was too busy on Saturday so we had to go tonight. The incredible amount of rain that fell on Friday has filled all the pools up, even the bare earth in front of the little brought it waders.
A rapid transformation on the budge fields

When we arrived there were four greenshanks on the Budge fields, which were soon put up by something.

From the little hide there were 7 snipe and a greenshank. The resident lapwings had there chicks out on the fresh muddy edges.

The big pools was full too, the rocks and promontories under water, but there waders here too, three common sands and a greenshank.
common sandpiper from the Oddie hide

We then had a look on the sea, none of the bonxies reported over the weekend. Lots of tern activity though including at least five roseys and three little terns. An adult little gull flew south too.

Now I have an admission to make, this post showed pictures of what I thought were six spot burnet moths, I was wrong, they are actually five spot burnet moths. Six spots show two very obvious red blotches at the end of the wings whereas five spots have one big blotch, sometimes with an obvious vein through it. So the majority, if not all, on the dunes at the moment are five spot burnets.
five spot burnet moth on ragwort

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