Wednesday 20 August 2008

Tonight at Dru

Had to go to Dru this afternoon to meet Alex from NWT to chat about COWS! and....there seemed to be lots of mig's about. From the trackt to the hides, there were at least six willy wobs. From the Budge Screen we had a female marsh harrier flying south towards to Cresswell and lots of phyloscs calling from the bushes.

After the meeting and we saw a reed warbler lumbering through the umbelifers, spotfly in the bushes and lots more willy wobs. IF turned up and had a little egretr on the Budge Fields. It had a good feeling that 'something' would be about, shame I am Leeds Festival for the next few doubt JF will get the nets up and catch a mega in my absence

136 reed warbler

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