Thursday 7 August 2008

Another rainy autumn day

It's even more rainy and more autumnal tonight with a howling northerly making it distinctly cold, meaning our strom petrel ringing session was off.

Still it might not be an ill-wind at Dru tomorrow....Seawatching might be on the cards, as might ringing tommorrow evening if JF gets over to the coast, imagine a two-barred crossbill on the pools list (there's three on the Northern Isles today), I might even get to ring it cos JF has already done one???

Whatever, I will try and at least have a wander about before work tomorrow and to be honest a rb shrike would do this space.

I just added a new link to BirdLife Malta's Youtube channel - check it out


Ghost of Stringer said...

9 two barred crossers at Sumburgh today & 9 on fair isle yesterday too !! Bleedin ell !! Maybe the Farnes will get one soon....

Stewart said...

S'up to 18 Sumburgh and 9 Fair Isle now. Its on my f****** list son :)