Tuesday 26 August 2008


I am still recovering from a VERY muddy weekend at the Leeds Festival so have not been to Dru, might get down tommorrow after work

top: deep mud on Thursday night before most people had even turned up!

More mud!

The girlies in their fancy dress

Incapable of drinkin my own beer!


darrell j prest said...

looks like fun!
i did the real one at reading from 92-01 great days

Ipin said...

Darrell, it was fun!

2003 was my first leeds, did T in the park before that and back in the 90's i was a mettaler so did Castle Donnington most years - they were wild!

abbey meadows said...

My last outdoor was T in the park 2003. Getting a bit long in the tooth for long weekenders. I prefer live folk in a pub these days though I'm hoping to go to Cambridge for a weekender next year.