Wednesday 23 January 2008

Site Meeting

Yesterday, I had a site meeting at the Pools with Chief Exec. of NWT, very useful indeed, so hopefully we'll see some improved management over the next few years, most importantly, proper grazing of the wet meadows and loads of breeding and passage waders.
Anyhoo, this gave the opportunity to wander aboot the patch, firstly I checked the mouth of the Dunbar Burn, which was flowing at full pelt for the first time in ages, I have put some pin-head oats out down here to try and attract snow bunts.

Dunbar Burn at full howk

Did the pine plantation next, there was a covey of 10 grey partridge (year tick No. 66) in the field and a flock of 70 twite, which landed in the lone sycamore by the fence, also 3 song thrush. A flock of about 60 goldfinches and 20 greenfinch were also briefly in the entrance willows.

Twite flock in the siccie

The ponds are all brim full and the path to the hides were too flooded to get along, so nothing to report from the pool.

I'm off on Friday so will check the burn mouth again.

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