Sunday 27 January 2008

A Bit Blowey

Its been bit windy up here over the last few days, I took friday off work with the thought of a bit of birding, instead I stayed in and watched my greenhouse blow away......what a piece of crap!

Flat-packed greenhouse

It calmed a bit yesterday, but the ringing group had a work party (these two words should never appear in the same sentence in my opinion!) day at Hauxley ringing station, so I spent the day felling trees. It was windy again today, but calmed down a bit over lunchtime and got out to be a really nice day. I met Janet and Kevin from the National Trust down at Dru to look at how the Trust coppicing in the woodland can benefit our ringing activities, we also had a good wander about the patch. The recent hurricanes have left some nice sand-sculptures on the beach and have also blown all of my pin-head oats away...

Had a nice Merlin (67) at the north end, about 60 goldfinch and 6 redwing in the bushes. Offshore were 5-6 red-throated divers and lots of gulls. From the budge screen, the wet meadows are now very wet indeed, with a lot of teal and 4 curlew also had the merlin flying north.


Anonymous said...

you can borra yor fatha's b&q christmas tools to rebuid your pigeon cree

Stewart said...

The way things are here me next tick'll be Swallow!