Monday 7 April 2014

New species for the patch

A patch tick for me, not the most exciting, granted, but a good addition to my patch list.

Egyptian Goose!

Not a new patch, Stewart Sexton allegedly had a fly-through Gypo goose in the final year of the old patch competition. I can remember giving him dogs abuse for ticking it at the time, but all is now forgiven!

Thanks again to Dave Elliott for the news, which I received whilst still at my desk, but I was soon scarpering from the office and on my way to the patch. The goose was in the fields to the west of the Budge fields, associating (and I hate to admit this) with a greylag. It wasn't long before it parted company though, to take up its own place in the field, adding to its 'fully wild' credentials.

This wasn't only a patch tick, but a new County bird for me (and a few others according to Twitter).

I also year-ticked song thrush tonight, which may well have been part of a bigger movement of thrushes as we moved on about 15 redwings from the bushes. I wonder if they'll be off to Scandinavia tonight ahead of the better weather? I'll have a look tomorrow morning.

103 song thrush

PWC Score: 127

1 comment:

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