Tuesday 8 April 2014

Early visit

I managed a quick pre-work visit to the patch this morning.

It was cold, quite bright though, but the westerly wind picked up before I left. I spent half-an-hour scouring the northern dunes, where the beast are, looking for wheatears, without success. I did see two white wagtails, my first of the spring, but no other migrants. A fly-through stock dove was a year-tick.

Next I tried viz-migging from the big dune, the cold wind made my eyes water, not much fun. I did scan the Budge fields from there for garganey, again, no luck. Yesterday's gypo goose was on the fields to the north of the big pool, I let Tom C know so that he could twitch it, which he did.

Before Tom arrived, I had a look through the dunes for nests, none found, but stonechats, linnets and reed bunting all looking promising. As I walked back to the big dune to catch up with Tom, a swallow flew north overhead.

104 stock dove

PWC Score 128

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