Monday 8 February 2010

Smew, Smew, Barley, McGrew

I tried to get to Druridge this morning, but when I got to Cresswell Pond and saw that the pond now covers the road and a tranny van was struggling to make it, I turned around.

I did have an impromptu lunchtime visit, the Boulmer Birder texted to say there was a drake smew at Druridge, I presumed an adult drake so went for a look. Yesterday's four red-heads where there but no sign of any adult drakes. On closer inspection through the gloom, one of the redheads was a first winter drake, a quick call to Stewart and all was cleared up....ahh well, never mind.

I did notice an oyc wandering about on 'Douglas Island', is this the first bird to go onto the 'douglas island list'?

It was really too dull for photo's today, but I quite liked this pochard...quite atmospheric I thought.


The Liverbirder said...

Wise Owl - what are the features that differentiate between an immature male Smew and a female? I am having difficulty getting an an answer elsewhere.

The Liverbirder said...

And I think it was Barney not Barley - or am I getting too old?

Alan Tilmouth said...

Totally distracted for several seconds by the image of a van full of transvestites twitching at Cresswell! I think your Oystercatcher may well be the first.

Ipin said...

Liverbirder, first winter males have variable amounts of adult feathers, this one had some white in the crown and random white feathers on the flanks, when you get a close look at it, you can see it is different from the other head red-heads

Alan, If it was a van full of cross-dressers at Druridge I wouldn't bat an ayelid, in fact it would be considered tame by Druridge standards!