Tuesday 9 February 2010

Early Birding Memory

Alan Tilmouth's latest post about the demise of Longhirst Flash brought back one of my earliest birding memories. I was about eight or nine I think, out with my friend Trevor and his dad who was a farmer at Alcan Farms.

His dad was ploughing a field (I think, it may have been seeding) just behind Longhirst Flash and Trevor and I were in the cab (which we were a lot of the time, no health and safety then), Billy, Trevor's dad, spotted a lapwing coming off a nest in front of the tractor, so we stopped and moved the nest and contents, ploughed the patch and Billy put it back, we watched and soon enough the adult came back down to the nest. Alcan Farms always ahd the biggest tractors in the area and still do, I wonder if the tractormen driving the big machines today would stop for a lapwing?

I went to Longhirst Flash a few times with Billy and Trevor because it was on Alcan's land and was looked after by the fishing club. My first ever trip to the Farne Island's was with Trevor and his family, who knows, without their influence I may have never taken up birding and my life would be much the poorer, I have a lot to thank them for!


Birding about Northumberland said...

Lovely story, things like that stick in your mind

Warren Baker said...

I remember looking through my Ladybird book of garden birds, longing to find the Chiffchaff and wilow warbler!

I still look for willow warblers!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Me and my brother used to lie in the fields and take bets on which Skylark would land first - there were loads to choose from in those days and yes my uncle used to move the Lapwings nests, but we ate some of the eggs! And yes we used the Ladybird books too - just like Warren. Great stuff rekindling childhood memories of our birds.



ST said...

a bit of old time farming, most farmers, like the wildlife.

Now here is the small world part.
T's grand parents were my next door neighbours , a canny lot.
as is his ma jo.

Ipin said...

Aye ST canny bunch, although as well as introducing me to the Farne Islands they were also the first one's to tak eme to St James Park...and I have been gopign ever since, think of the money I'd of saved!