Wednesday 4 November 2009

Westerlies grrrr

This morning was a lovely day to be out and about, crisp with clear blue skies after an overnight frost....Nee good for birdwatchers though!

Still my hour at Druridge this morning was better than being in the office, I started baiting up a potential new twite ringing site with some sunflower hearts and niger, it would be great to catch some of them and fathom out where our overwintering twite breed, my money is on Scandanavia, but until we can catch them and get some recoveries we will never know.

There were 4 goldcrests in the plantation but little else of note.


Warren Baker said...

I tried ''baiting'' the fields on my patch with sunflower hearts. The bloody crows ate most of 'em!

Ipin said...

We us the hearts as a marker to attract the bigger birds and other finches in, then hopefully the twite see them and come down...

fingers crossed