Tuesday 16 December 2008

Away Days

It's a bugger trying to maintain a blog during the winter with these awful short days...sorry for the lack of blog-action!

As well as work and winter, I've been away for a long-weekend in Barcelona. Not a birding trip at all - the bins were left at home! It was a city trip, seeing the sights, eatin the food and drinkin anything they served us.
Barca is an amazing city with lots to see, some nice parks, lots of public art and some great bars and restaurants. We saw the amazing La segrada familla - a huge temple, still under construction, we went to the Picasso museum, Camp Nou (not for El Clasico though), Las Ramblas....I could go on.

We did see some birds, lots of ring-necked and monk parakeets, a flock of black redstarts and some crag martins around the castle and yellow-legged gulls at the port.

Monk Parakeet at Parc Guell
Back to Druridge briefly this morning to hoy some food down for the non-existent twite - not even any golfinches there this morning....grim!


Anonymous said...

i seen around 100 twite yesterday just past cresswell pond, opposite that farm, there were also around 50 goldfinches.
Bittern was there and a juvenille scaup and an otter.

Ipin said...

Interesting...hopefully it is the sme 50 or so goldfinches that have been coming to our niger and now I have replenished it, they might bring their twitey friends along too!