Tuesday 13 October 2020

Wet and windy walk

We dodged the worst of the rain for our walk around the patch this morning, the wind has moved around to the north, force four or five at times, already whipping the sea up, with white horses against the lead-grey sky. 

After walking north and only seeing a few thrushes in the bushes, we walked back by the beach, the Gannets and even Common Scoters were quite close to the shore so I tried my luck with some photos even the light was very poor. These shots are all in colour, although, with some of them, you wouldn't think so.

Scoters and Gannets battling against the wind

Scoters headed north - this may as well have been a monochrome shot

Scoters against the sky

Juvenile Gannet against the breakers

Same bird as above 

Adult Gannet in a bit of sunshine

Same photo but monochrome

Sanderling on the beach

A bit of colour but a monochrome bird - male Blackcap feeding in the Elderberries

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