Sunday 6 December 2015

Recovered Stormy

We only caught two storm petrels in a single session this summer, the weather getting the better of us.  One of them was already ringed (a control in the language that ringers speak).

We've just heard back from BTO with details of where it was ringed; Eilean nan Ròn which is off the Kyle of Tongue on the north coast of Scotland, only 26 days before we caught it.

A distance of 403km. It is amazing the distances these tiny seabirds travel!

Here is a google map of storm petrels we've 'controlled'

Nothing much to report from Druridge today. The long-staying 'Cresswell' long-billed dowitcher put in another appearance on the Budge fields again this morning before heading back south to it's favoured spot. It obviously doesn't think much of Druridge - it doesn't hang around for long.

There are now six pochards on the big pool, a handful of goldeneye and a red-breasted merganser - there were 15 'mergs' on the sea.


Yellowbelly in Exile said...

On Friday, I had a female Merlin at Druridge. I saw one,probably the same bird at Druridge a week before and again a week before that at Cresswell. Have you seen her?

Last week's bird sat on a post and allowed me a good long view, albeit somewhat distant. It showed distinct light edging to the mantle feathers. The Handbook does not mention this; it only refers to juveniles being darker. I assume therefore that the Druridge bird is a mature female.

Ipin said...

Andrew, I think that same bird has been hanging around for a month or so from your description.