Wednesday 3 July 2013

I can't keep up.

I am struggling to keep up with blog posts at the moment and with a knackered lens I've got no nice photos to put on the blog either (I might go and photograph butterflies, bugs and beasties this weekend)

Yesterday was spent mostly on Inner Farne. At 6.30 am I was enjoying fantastic views of Bridled Tern at 6.30pm I wasn't, I was back on Inner Farne, soaked through and miserable, not seeing the tern.

Don't ask why.

It was much warmer at Druridge this evening, but dull by comparison on the bird front. I ringed a brood of swallows and then had a look on the sea. A few Manx shearwaters flew north  - 25 in 1 hour - and an arctic skua was my first of the year.

'Over the road' Two marsh harriers were passing through.

DIY and gardening have taken a bit of  a priority this week, hence the lack of birding and blog activity. Hopefully will be ringing this weekend so things should improve on both counts.

130 Arctic skua