Tuesday 7 June 2011

Honest Romany Folk

Imagine my delight when I called in at Druridge to find that the honest romany folk have returned for the summer.

 It's great to see these friendly characters back on the patch. I can't wait until they get out and about, helping the old and vulnerable to cut down leylandii hedges and overgrown shrubs, then bring them down to Druridge and pile them up as valuable breeding and roosting habitat for birds.

I'm also looking forward to the extra 'bulky organic matter' they'll deposit, free of charge, in the bushes, helping the trees to grow and prosper.

The dog walkers, birdwatchers and beach goers will feel safer too, knowing that they are camped nearby, watching over their cars, making sure nothing is stolen.

It's really great to have them back. And remember, last time they were here, they attracted a red-backed shrike into their camp, wouldn't that be super!


Warren Baker said...

Oh how wonderful! We once had theses attractive vagrants here, a great addition the character of the countryside. ;-)

Richard Dunn said...

Under new E.U. Law the word "gypo" is no longer politically correct. They have to be called (caravan utilising nomadic travelers) or C.*.N.T.S. For short

Warren Baker said...

Good job they cant read 'aint it :-)