Monday 13 December 2010



That's what!

Firstly, Janet and I arrive in the Oddie hide this morning, having taken a day off work, get talking to a photographer chap who tells me he had a snow goose over Druridge Pools yesterday. I've seen snow goose before at Druridge but it was yonks ago and it would have been a great year-tick.- Gutted!

Secondly, after we found a little owl (my first and only owl species of the year at Druridge) being mobbed by small birds in the pine plantation, we split up, me going down the field side of the willows, Janet along the road. She gets onto a great-spotted woodpecker (a year-tick), calls me over, it flies off, I don't see it - Gutted.

Thirdly, I read the comments on yesterdays post, ST telling me had been watching two barn owls at Druridge on Friday. Two more than I've seen this year.


Still lots of woodcock about and a rock pipit on the beach

Just heard there's a lesser white-fronted goose in Norfolk, that would be nice!


Alan Tilmouth said...

Snow Goose or Ross's? Given that there has been a Ross's at Newton and Howick recently which is more likely

Ghost of Stringer said...

Maybe worth checking yer mans snow goose wasn't the ross's goose Iain.

I'm tempted by the lesser whitefront/northern harrier combo, but don't know anymore about the goose, would be good to hear that it's a first winter bird with euro whitefronts.... time will tell I guess. If it is, then my weekend may be sorted !

Stewart said...

I was just going to say that...

James said...

Lee Evans wrote:

Monday, 13 December 2010
Putative LESSER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE in the Yare Valley, Norfolk
Ben Lewis photographed today what he considered to be a Lesser White-fronted Goose at Buckenham Marshes RSPB in East Norfolk. I suspect this is the adult hybrid that has been present with Greylag Geese at Buckenham Carrs for at least six weeks (per Barry Jarvis, Phil Heath, Robin Able, et al). If not, it may well be one of three adult LWFG of suspect origin which have been resident in Norfolk for at least 12 years, which commute between the Yare Valley and Heigham Holmes. Tim Allwood and others saw at least one bird at the latter site during July-September of this year.

Of course, Buckenham Carrs were always the premier site for this species in the county, but consorting with the Eurasian White-fronted Geese wintering there then rather than the Taiga Bean Geese.

Ipin said...

That was the first thing I asked the photographer chap, he said he had decent flight shots of the bird and was going to check them - no idea who he was though....

Stewart, what were you going to say? Ross's goose or you were off on a wild (?) goose chase to Norfolk?

Stringer - I thought you'd given up twitching? You'll only regret it!