Sunday 12 December 2010

The Thaw

The snow has virtually all gone from the coast now, the fields are all holding water and the Dunbar burn is running at 'full howk' over the beach.

I only had a hour or so on the patch this afternoon, trying to get out between the showers. The wet fields all had waders in them, mostly redshank and curlew and in the fields to the north there were at least 1600 pink-feets, which flew over the patch after some shots were fired, so much for shooting bans.

Pink-footed Geese

Other birds are concentrating on feeding up after the snow, not really bothered where they do it, there was family of mute swan and a dozen redshank right by the side of the road


Warren Baker said...

Like the ''loadsa'' birds photo's Ipin :-)

ST said...

Barn owls 2, were feeding along the far end of the road on Friday from nine till one when I left. The pair looked in good condition, but they were working hard for their meals.