Sunday 3 October 2010

Nets up, Nets down

We were down at Druridge before dawn this morning, but a soon as the nets were up they had to come back down as the rain set in and it looks as though it is here for the day. We caught one bird - robin.

Yesterday was a different matter however, many birds were still at Druridge after the midweek fall so we caught a good few birds, well, Janet did, I had to leave at 9.15 to go to work. Both at Druridge and at Seahouses, there was a continual movement of skylarks overhead.

The good fall of song thrushes was evident, this was the first of eight.
song thrush
Dunnocks and robins were still about and a few warblers were moving through the bushes but we didn't catch many, this blackcap and chiffchaff along with a reed warbler were the only ones caught. The last image is a goldcrest, we only caught one which is one more than we caught last year.

This great tit (or should be grey tit) was an interesting one, a partial leucistic bird, which had a generally greyer appearance with virtually a white tail and a light grey rump - very odd.
leucistic great tit
No sign of last weeks barred warbler now, this rain may drop coasting birds in,  so it will defo be worth a look down at Druridge on Monday, meanwhile I'm off to the pub to watch the footie.

Ringing totals:

song thrush 8
robin 4 (and one today)
blue tit 3 (+1 retrap)
goldcrest 1
dunnock 3
chaffinch 3
blackcap 1
blackbird 2 (+1 retrap)
great tit 1
wren 1
reed warbler 1
chiffchaff 1
coal tit 1

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Warren Baker said...

I had a Great Tit like that at the garden Feeders. It looked like it had been dusted in flour. It hung around for all of last winter.