Sunday 14 March 2010

Illuminating weekend

Only got to Druridge once, briefly, this weekend, to do the WeBS count this afternoon.

We've spent the weekend out at Grindon for the Illuminating Hadrian's Wall event, I was really lucky to be chosen as an illuminator and got to light at a beacon at one of the best spots on the whole wall, just above Cuddy's Crag, between Housesteads and where the Pennine Way crosses it - superb location.

see my facebook page for some pics.

The event was follwed by a BBQ at Carraw Farm B&B then a party at excellent weekend!

We did the WeBS count this afternoon, a gorgeous sunny spring afternoon turned to a howling storm lashing rain in through the Oddie hide in a matter of seconds. Nothing new or unusual to report, there were really good numbers of snipe (30+) and redshank as well as the usual ducks. The shoveler count has gone up to 13 and there are still nine goldeneyes including some really smart drakes.


Stewart J said...

Quite an event, we watched from track on top of Plenmeller Moor so could see several miles of the wall.

Nice one


Science at Coates said...

What about the carbon footprint???
Light pollution???

Ecological Vandals looking for some cheap publicity??