Friday 6 March 2009

Frosty start

It was frosty start at Druridge this morning, but what a morning to be out and about. I had a quick visit to Druridge before work, no sign of any migrants yet, though winter visitors were still evident with 60 twite on the lines along the road and plenty of teal and waders on the mostly frozen Budge fields.

There was quit a bit of singing going on with meadow pipit, skylark, reed bunting, stonechat, wren, robin and chaffinch all giving it some.
On the way home a barn owl was sat on the fence by the roadside at Cresswell Pond, as I drove up and wound the window down it didn't move, as it didn't when I reached for the camera, but just as I pressed the button, it flew off, it would have been a frame-filler, but all I got was this....


Warren Baker said...

like the Stonechat Ipin. A real good bird here but only a summer passage migrant

Blyth Birder said...

When you hoying your tetties in?

I'm about to hoy a few in maybe next week as they're chitting well in the netty at the minute.

Ipin said...

Warren - aye they are corkers, one of my faves. We get 2-3 pairs breeding in the dunes here most years

BB - I'm off to spain next week, o will probably put them in when I get back. Onions and broad beans should go in this week though