Friday 13 February 2009

Snowy Day

Spent the morning at Dru today cos I had a day offuv work, it was like a, was!

There had obviously been a 'fall' of thrushes. I wen tot he top end first to put down some twite food, then did the budge screen area, there were a few fieldfare and redwing around there...and this snipe, cowering in the snow.
From the Oddie hide, it was obvious that thrushes were on the move, a flock of 18 fieldfare came in offuv the sea over the pool and there were small groups in the tops of the trees. On my way out of the hides there were even 20 or so feeding along the bunded path with a handful of redwing. No ring ouzel or even tastier thrushes though...

Not much else to report, bugger all on the sea and nothing outstanding on the pools.

Will be down at High Chibburn tomorrow putting up our tree spuggie boxes.

55 skylark

56 common gull

57 Shelduck

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wallsend birder said...

I'm jealous, a day off work would be great and a trip to the pools would be even better.