Saturday, 14 February 2009

Boxing Clever

We spent the morning putting 12 tree sparrow boxes up at High Chibburn Farm, it's the only place on the patch that I regularly see tree spuggies, so it was good to get the farmers permission to put them up. Fingers crossed they will use them and the population will increase.

Only had time for quick check of the north end and a quick look at the Budge fields which are now defrosted and re-inhabited with ducks including a pair of shoveler.
A small flock of long-tailed tits were in the woods, two of them were ringed, so I am presuming they are the same birds we ringed last autumn, good to see they are still with us after the harsh weather of late.
58 shoveler
59 long-tailed tit


Anonymous said...

cresswell 10-30ish saw two bitterns fly into far reedbed and remain hidden for next hour 12-00 saw bittern from rebuilt hide druridge pools

Ipin said...

Thanks anon. was it on the flooded fields side of Druridge or the big pool?

stu fenwick said...

the bittern was on the flooded fields i have a poor photo which i could send you if i knew how

Ipin said...

Stu, send it by email to if you can...what date was it?