Tuesday 14 October 2008

Ringing again

I took the morning off work today to go ringing with JF this morning. We had a steady morning catching 34 new birds and 3 retraps, nothing startling among the 12 different species. The long-tailed tit flock has increased in size since Sunday, to about 20 birds, we caught another 6 of them today and 11 more of the goldfinch flock.

There were a few birds on the move this morning, including two year ticks! A spotshank flew over heading SW calling and a single (lesser) redpoll flew south, taking the year list to 152. Also over were five....yes FIVE grey wags, 2 whooper swans, 41 pink feet, 21 greylag, 4 siskin and 9 skylark.

The National Trust vols were burning the shit left behind by the gypo's.

Ringing totals
goldcrest 5 + 1 retrap
chaffinch 1
chiffchaff 2
goldfinch 11 + 1 retrap
greenfinch 1
robin 1
blue tit 1
great tit 1
coal tit 2
song thrush 2
wren 1
long-tailed tit 6 + 1 retrap
151 spotted redshank
152 lesser redpoll


Anonymous said...

Sould have burnt the fucking caravans too...

abbey meadows said...

Nice of those people to come back and clear up their own mess!