Monday 15 September 2014

In the bushes

I called in at the patch before and after work today. Yesterday's red-breasted flycatcher was still in the plantation this morning joined by a pied flycatcher. 

It had been seen on and off all day and some photographers got some good shots this evening. 

I walked the length of the bushes tonight. There were plenty of robins and wrens, but the only warbler activity was with a tit flock by the feeders at the Budge screen and a couple of chiffs by the 'Mike Carr Path' (as it is now known). Otherwise the bushes were quiet. 

I probably won't have time to get down there tomorrow, which is a pity, as there must be a yellow-brow somewhere. 


Johnnykinson said...

Going back to your previous post. Sometimes the camera struggles to decide what to focus on if there is lots in the potential image. Go to manual next time if auto isn't locking on.

Ipin said...

Thanks Johnny, I was going to do that, but it was off before I could - very flitty bird!