Thursday 1 May 2014

Back on the patch with a flurry of good birds

I was back on the patch today after a trip to Malta. It's ten years since I was last on Malta, I did four autumns in a row, working at the Birdlife Malta Raptor Camps. Things have improved a hell of a lot since those days.

We spent four days on the small island of Comino ringing with Birdlife volunteers.


golden oriole


scops owl

We also visited Gozo and the mainland, doing some birding, more ringing and catching up with old friends who I haven't seen for a while.

Back to Druridge today though, firstly with a very rapid lunchtime twitch of the great white egret that turned up whilst I was away. It was lurking by the outfall of the big pool. This is my second great white egret on the patch, the first being back on 3rd and 4th April in 2010. A reed warbler was perched up singing in the phragmites.

I was back on the patch for a proper visit after work. The GWE had relocated tot he Budge fields, unfortunately, it's friend, the spoonbill, seems to have done one.There was stonking brick-red black-tailed godwit and at least five whimbrel were also on the fields.

As I walked towards the Oddie hide, a short-eared owl lifted off and flew over the bund, a migrant I reckon?

Not a bad start to May, hopefully the weather will be good enough to get some nets up on Saturday.

There'll not be many photo's on the blog for a bit. My SLR has packed up.

115 great white egret
116 reed warbler
117 whimbrel
118 short-eared owl

PWC score 149

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