Monday 17 February 2014


I didn't get down to Druridge today, some of us have got proper jurbs....

Other birders did though, as an alert from Birdguides at lunchtime told of a black-throated diver on the Budge fields. How odd after my red-throated diver there yesterday.

Ian Fisher called me later to say he was watching the black-throat and it was in front of the little hide and he was photographing it.

black-throated diver (c) Ian Fisher
And yes, before you ask, the diver I saw yesterday was definitely a red-throated diver. So two divers on the Budge Fields in two days. The word unprecedented is over-used, but on this occasion it'll do nicely!

Ian also saw a female long-tailed duck on the big pool. This looked liked the same bird that I saw close in offshore yesterday.

long-tailed duck (c) Ian Fisher
Thanks to Ian for the pics.

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Stewart said...

Proper jerbs! Eeh!Ah divvent thinksee...