Thursday 5 September 2013

A bit of an anti-climax

Druridge this morning was a bit of an anti-climax after having spent the last nine days in Tarifa for migration. I'll put some more photos on Ipin's Birding Trips and Facebook soon but here are a couple of honey buzzards shots, I watched over 3,000 come in to roost in two consecutive evenings.

A fab trip.

So, white-rumped, pectoral and curlew sandpipers all up the coast at East Chveington, there had to be at least on tasty wader at Druridge this morning. If there was I couldn't find it. A single whimbrel with the curlews and a fly-through, calling, green sandpiper was the best that I could do.

There seemed to be a few common migrants in the bushes, sedge, reed and willow warbler were noted. There were also a few speckled wood butterflies enjoying the autumn sunshine, like this one on brambles.

speckled wood butterfly

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