Saturday 13 April 2013

Two Martins

First off - I twitched the littoralis rock pipit on Thursday, it's been on the 'haul-road flash' for the last couple of days. Seemingly there were two, found by ADMc. There is still one there today. Also on the flash were nine ringed plovers. The flash is looking good and is worth checking, I quite fancy a killdeer on there later this week.

I saw both of the common martins at Druridge today. First was sand martin heading south by the cottages and later, the house martin, over the Budge fields.

I did the WeBS count today, because there is a rather important football match that I need to go to tomorrow. The count was interrupted, in a nice way, when a male marsh harrier came over the Budge fields sending the curlews, lapwing and some of the teal into the air.

Teal and wigeon numbers are predictably down (39 and 23 respectively) but a gathering of 22 curlew was good for mid-April.

92 rock pipit
93 sand martin
94 house martin

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy the Stoke Man U Game!
House Martin! Impressed.
Dave E