Sunday 3 March 2013

Dreich at Druridge

Definition of dreich


  • (especially of weather) dreary; bleak:
    Dreich - even the ponies look miserable
    Well, that pretty-much summed Druridge up this afternoon. Whilst it was beautiful and sunny yesterday, I was at work and unable to get down to the patch. 

    So I had to make do with a short visit this afternoon. There is still a short-eared owl hanging about, it was perched on a fence-post on the edge of the Budge field for most of the afternoon.

    Two new species were added to the year-list; little grebe and common scoter, which take the list up to 79 and the patch competition score up to paltry 89. The February league table will be out soon and will show me lagging miles behind my Northumberland rivals.

    On the bright side, it's now March and I will soon be adding migrants to the list. I would expect to see sand martin, chiffchaff, puffin, lesser black-backed gull and sandwich tern before the month is out.

    78 little grebe
    79 common scoter

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