Sunday 6 November 2011


Ringing didn't happen this morning....I'm blaming the 12.45 kick off for yesterdays match.

I did make it to Druridge eventually though. I wasn't too bladdered to look through the RBA reports for yesterday, snow buntings appeared to be everywhere, so that was my challenge today - find snow buntings at Druridge. I've not seen snow bunting on the patch since 2007.

Despite checking all of the potential snow bunting habitat, nothing. The glorious autumnal sunshine had brought every dog owner this side of the Cheviots down to Druridge to empty their pooches, so any snow bunts on the beach will have been well gone by the time I crawled down there.

There were some other white birds on the beach though, a small group of sanderling seemed nonplussed by the dogs and their owners and allowed me to get quite close.

Sanderling on the beach at Druridge

They spent most of their time asleep - probably worn out after the 100th dog of the day had chased them

Caught one awake
I love the way they do little jumps when they run!


Warren Baker said...

Do I not not like dogs ;-)

Stewart said...

What no Snobu since 07! Get out of bed man and get involved, its Druridge for gods sake they're two a penny!!!

PS Cheers for the Pintail tip off, I met Phil there and had a chat with him too...