Monday 15 August 2011

More big roosts

Still no internet connection, still waiting for BT, so another post from my phone.

Two huge roosts at druridge tonight again. On the beach well over 2000 common gulls came into roost with a handful of black-headed and large gulls. Too much disturbance on the beach within the patch, so the biggest gathering were to the north at Chibburn Mouth and to the south.

Also at dusk, circa 2500 hirrundines came into roost again in the small reedbed. I would guess about 60-65% sand martins. Quite a sight against a red sky. No hobby tonight, just an idiot in a landrover driving through the dunes!


Stewart said...

Ho ho BT and Internet in the same sentence! You are Donald ducked mate. After speaking to 17 operatives in 3 countries daily for a month they finally stopped blaming me and renewed the cables and sockets. Problem solved! Make sure you push for compensation in November when its sorted. I got 35 quid and 3 months free and put on a cheaper tariff...

Ipin said...

Stewart, it's fixed! The whole estate was off so they had no argument, still it took them three days!