Saturday 29 January 2011

neglecting the patch

I feel as though I have been neglecting Druridge of late, and am paying the price.

A combination of work, a broken car and very little daylight has meant no visits to Druridge since last weekend. Today,  I was in the Cheviots squeezing atlas tetrads in while the weather was good.

Whilst I've not been at Druridge, others have been, and have been seeing pintails, whooper swans, velvet scoters, short-eared owls......All good patch birds which could be missed (I didn't see SEO last year).

It was a beautiful day in the Cheviots today, glorious sunshine and firm underfoot due to the heavy overnight frost. We managed 21 species in four hours over two tetrads around South Middleton and the Dod, despite hunters being out in force. A full ermine stoat at Bywell on the way home was nice.

Hopefully I will be at Druridge tomorrow all being well, we have a new ringing site in Ellington to test out in the morning though.

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