Saturday 31 January 2009


Regular followers of this blog may have noticed a lack of news from the pools lately? Well, I've just come back from a fantastic 16 day trip to northern India and the Himalayan foothills, photo's and tails from the trip will follow later, but here is one to wet your appetites...

To try and recover from two weeks of eating curry and rice we went to to Amble to get Fish and Chips this afternoon.

Among the feeding frenzy of leftovers, there was a colour ringed herring gull, the same colour ringed herring gull I saw there last February J3LJ was first ringed as a pullus in Vest -Agder, Norway on 24th June 2007. I will email the chap in Norway to see if it has been spotted elsewhere since.

I'm off to get some immodium.....

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Ghost of Stringer said...

EXCELLENT !! Collared falconet is one of my all time faves !!

The suprise bird of the trip for me in Northern India was black throated tit, a common bird but an absolute belter !!

Loadsa great stuff out there tho isn't there... tesias, shortwings, forktails, cutia, cochoas, funky redstarts, funky accentors, funky floscs the list is just endless !!

Did you get any of those higher altitude thrushes.... white collared blackbird, grey winged blackbird, chestnut thrush etc ?