Monday 28 July 2008

Sea frets

No news from Druridge as I have been on a stag weekend to Embra (say it fast in a Scottish accent). Did get down this morning for three hours ringing before work with JF, it was quiet but steady, we did 4 willow warbs, dunnock (1 controlled), wrens, blue tits a blackcap and a robin, mostly this years young except the willow warbs. There was no wind at all and a thick sea fret so I reckon it would have been steady for the rest of the day if we didn't have to pack up when we did - damn you work!

A white-rumped sandpiper turned up at Cresswell Pond this afternoon, found by Ian Fisher, so I called by on my way back from the coast, the sea fret hadn't lifted all day so the photographers were struggling, I only managed a photo of the twitch. This is the second WR sand I've seen at Cresswell (an interesting story about two other white-rumps that day....but that's for the pub!) and the fourth I've seen in the County.

Twitchers in the fog

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